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Hello my name is Ronda and this is a little glance into the innerworkings of my mind.
I am a big historical fiction fan, and my favorite time period would have to be Tudor England. I adore everything Tudor as you can tell by my url.
I also love to read, write(writing is my true passion) and watch tb and movies. Some of my favorite shows are SMALLVILLE, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars,Dawsons Creek, Roswell, The Tudors, Avonlea, Angel, Charmed, Glee, Blue Bloods, American Dreams, One Tree Hill, Degrassi, The nine lives of Chloe King, The Lying GamesTrue Blood. If it isnt up there it does not mean I dont like it just I might have forgot lol
My favorite pairings are Chimmy, Chlollie, Chlark, Lexana,Clex, Finchel, Brittana, Klaine, Naley, Leyton, Henry/Anne, Sookie/Eric, Ron and Hermonie,
My favorite celebs are Allison Mack, Kristen Bell, Will Estes, Tyler Hilton, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Dohring just to name a few.
I love to meet people. I love writing fanfics and edits so dont be afraid to talk to me.

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Allison Mack on Wilfred

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